PhatBlack is dedicated to delivering on the promise of Interactive Radio on the Net.  PhatBlack is preparing to produce and netcast thousands of distinct live, interactive urban Net-Radio shows from its upcoming NYC and Florida facilities. These shows will focus on topics that will attract the passionate, sizable, yet largely under-served urban market. From Hip-Hop to Salsa PhatBlack resonates with trendsetters and tastemakers because its shows will deliver authentic, exciting, entertaining programming on topics mainstream media has traditionally neglected. E-Radio is special because PhatBlack's audiences tune into live shows from a chat room where they can interact not only with other audience members, but also with the performers who appear onscreen. 

E-Radio's shows include:

  1. Digital Hiphop which reviews the four elements of America’s Hiphop culture.
  2. Rockers Island which showcases reggae music. 
  3. R&B/Soul On Ice which showcases R&B/Soul music. 
  4. B-Side which showcases underground tv/radio Hip Hop, R&B programming
  5. What's the 411? which showcases entertainment news relevant to the urban lifestyle
  6. Campus Connection which showcases the collegiate music atmosphere
  7. Musically Incorrect which showcases the continuous political atmosphere of music
  8. Eargasms,an interactive chat room where you meet people throughout the world
  9. Nationally renowned programming such as . . . .