Live Radio

First, PhatBlack Online hosts commercial and non-commercial radio stations on this site.  For a nominal fee Phat Black can assist your radio station in expanding its audience throughout the world.  PhatBlack Online will allow your station to reach unlimited markets via the Internet at a relatively inexpensive cost.  We do all the work and you just continue your day to day operations.  Furthermore, music brings significant added value to a Radio Station Web Site. By extending beyond the traditional broadcast boundaries (from a local DMA to a national audience), adding a visual component, and letting listeners interact with the station, a Radio Station Web Site enhances the radio station's core business and taps into a new source of revenue. Additionally, for a limited time only PhatBlack Online is offering an unprecedented offer to prospective qualified radio station participants.   For those that qualify, we will offer your station free service for a predetermined duration on a trial basis. Yes, we will broadcast a time slot(s) from your station for free if we feel an equitable partnership can be created.

So,sign up now because we are pre-registering broadcasters and listeners to prepare for our launch in the upcoming fall.   Once we have created an agreement all you have to do is download the free "Real player" and let people know when you'll be broadcasting and what you'll be talking about (we'll help you get the word out, with your own free home page, email promotions, and banner kit).

It's that easy! Listeners, find you through this site click on your link, and start listening. PhatBlack is the easy way to create, broadcast, and promote your own business or special interest talk programs entirely over the Internet.r P

Second,, anyone can create their own Internet radio station and listen to thousands of stations created by others. Broadcasters, artists and fans can interact with each other like never before. People can find the station that fits your mood exactly. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. Instantly become a DJ, Talk show host, or stand-up comedian. Here, you can broadcast LIVE, or you can make a station, and we'll broadcast it for you — for basically nothing.Live Radio is like having your own personal or business radio station!