Record Label

PhatBlack Online's Record Label is a new model music company dedicated to leveraging the digital medium to change the way music is acquired, marketed, promoted, sold and distributed. Arguably the web's first full-service, vertically integrated music company, PhatBlack Online's Record Label markets and promotes its' artists forthcoming studio albums. Our artists embrace online space as the exclusive release platform for a new studio album before its retail release. Our record label launchs client albums through aggressive online promotion, marketing, sales and distribution prior to releasing the album through traditional retail channels. The partnership between PhatBlack's Record Label and artists is a prototype of the unique relationship offered to artists. The profound impact Internet technology has on bringing an artist's music directly to its fans as well as the enormous empowerment the web provides artists to that end is phenomenal.The Internet is powerful because it puts artists back in control of their music, including the ability to put their music directly in front of consumers, bypassing traditional industry bottlenecks.

We are leveraging the digital medium to create an entirely new model zone that will ultimately puts artists back in control of their music and bring them closer to their audience. In addition to partnering with artists on a proprietary basis, we also open our doors to traditional record labels to enable them to leverage our powerful marketing and promotional platform.We aggressively promote our client brands through a mix of traditional and grassroots marketing efforts.We fully intend to leverage both online and offline promotional venues, including college outreach, national advertising, web banner buys, street marketing, and co-distribution deals with commerce sites which match our active music buyer demographic. In sum, our goal is to aggressively build a distinctive domestic and international artist roster, as well as create innovative partnerships with forward thinking companies.

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